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Collaboration / Inside Iran’s Holiest Shrine

Scott Gurian, an American journalist and the voice behind Far From Home podcast, transports us to Mashad, Iran, inside a pilgrimage site where he and his fellow travelers find themselves grappling with cultural and religious differences. Then Scott tells On Spec his reflections about the trip, and how he managed to avoid Iran’s government minders...

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OnSpec/08 – My Phoenix

Part of the ancestral homeland of Arizona’s O’odham and PeePosh tribes, Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and the epicenter of a transforming border state. Journalist Alisa Reznick gives a tour of the greater metropolis, old and new — through the eyes of her extended family, who came three generations...

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Collaboration / Foreign Correspondence

In this collaboration with Foreign Correspondence podcast, On Spec host  Fariba Nawa gives a raw, intimate interview to Jake Spring about her  two-decade career, family, and the struggles of straddling two cultures  as a journalist. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast Foreign  Correspondence, where you will hear deep dive interviews with a diverse  group...

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OnSpec/Pandemic • Through Children’s Eyes

What has quarantine been like for children during the pandemic? Are they finding their creative little selves and building stronger family ties? Or turning into online zombies and losing their social skills? Or are they becoming child laborers to help their families survive? It depends on the kids and the country. On Spec host Fariba...

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Collaboration / Feminism in the Age of COVID-19

In this collaboration with the Continuum Collective, we are exploring the rise in gender-based violence during the pandemic and what can be done about it. On Spec’s host Fariba Nawa joins Jillian Foster, the host of the Continuum Collective’s Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast, and Teri Yuan, the host of the Engendered podcast.

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OnSpec/Pandemic • Surviving as a Woman

With  families in lockdown, and social services unavailable, experts say  domestic violence is increasing, and being ignored during the  coronavirus outbreak. Menel Raach talks to a woman in Iraq who is trying  to find a safe place to live amid the lockdowns there, and to lawyers  and experts about what is being called a “shadow...

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OnSpec/Pandemic • Rediscovering Our Kitchens

You probably know someone who has discovered their inner chef in the last few months.  In New York, photographer Jackson Krule discovered he was a baker.  Unable to go out and photograph the Orthodox Jewish community he has been documenting, he started baking challah bread at home and posting photos online.  Now it’s turned into...

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OnSpec/Pandemic • Mental Health in Isolation

How is being on lock down effecting our mental health, and how are mental health professionals trying to continue to provide help when they cannot meet someone in person? On Spec intern and journalist Kasper Dilmaghani talks to therapists and one woman who opens up about her depression.  Here is the story on how the...

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